This year, the Vetements and Balenciaga designer has distinguished himself as the person who had the most impact on the global fashion industry.

Head designer of Vetements and Artistic Director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia was named Person of The Year and graced BoF's special print issue, The New World Order, in February. The innovator took edgy turns and cross-overs for both brands, placing them in the hands of some of fashion and music's most prominent players. His vision parallels with the consumer effectively and creatively, while continuing to perform under commercial boundaries. "The whole system just didn’t work anymore… There is no relationship between the creative vision and the commercial vision," Gvasalia tells BoF. "This whole vicious circle turns and turns at a very fast speed and kills both the creativity and the business."


Gvasalia is known best for curating the last few successful runway series for Balenciaga, changing the face of the luxury brand; from long-lost admirable to familiar friend. Giving Balenciaga the appropriate cutting-edge facelift no one knew they needed, Gvasalia asserts a calm and consisted energy into both brands. He speaks on re-connecting the culture to brands otherwise hidden from the casual eye.

Gvasalia took Vetements by the reigns collaborating with his design team, continuing to create mainstream-underground iconic look-books including logo hoodies, floral pastilles and retro-grade heels. It's edgy enough to recoil some notorious styles from the early 1970's with high-platforms and courageous details.

You can read the full write-up on Business of Fashion and bask in the designer elegance for yourself.

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