#SeaYouAtAfterHours: Seattle Aquarium x Doppler Seattle

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In an attempt to become Seattle's most creatively diverse hub of local music, fashion and events-- it was an honor to assist in curating the Seattle Aquarium's seasonal adult experience rightfully titled, After Hours.

February 14th was a day for universal love; whether it'd be labeled platonic, communal, 'for the love' (as we call it) or just plain happiness. 800+ of Seattle's most curious wonderers of aquatic life (and maybe the ability to drink in a public space with other wonderful city beings) came to spend their Valentine's Day at the Seattle Aquarium. Along with the eclectic sounds of DJ UNOHU & Stas Thee Boss-- imagine yourself in a world filled with Seagram's and Sea Stars (also referred to as a starfish), swimming through nestled seminars about marine-life, waving and fluttering your cocktails. Good imagery, right?

we're going to do it again.


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May 24th marks the heart of Spring, and in timely fashion, DOPPLER SEATTLE will partner with the Seattle Aquarium for the third installment of After Hours. This time featuring a LIVE performance by Shelby Poole, LIVE paintings from Perry Porter and LIVE sounds by Stas Thee Boss.

Come through, the link is below.

after hours: life on the edge

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