'Dem Girls' Pilot Takes Flight With Ugly Frank

*Random Disclaimer: You could've been there too. 

I'm here to tell you a story about a simple social media post turned experience. Dem Girls is a newer experience in Seattle, Washington-- pioneered by two ladies of the city investing time and focus into creating buzz for local talent in a very unique flow of concept. I wanted to make sure this message spread wide, being it was one of the coolest things I've been apart of-- so I chatted up 1/2 of Dem Girls, Ruth Kim about her prolific new vision.

I submitted a request to be chosen for a 25-person slot at an undisclosed location. My expectations had been molded when I learned at whatever stage or venue we'd be at, the sounds of Ugly Frank would speak volumes for the evening. He is chosen to power Dem Girls 001.

who's running the show at Dem Girls? tell me a little bit about your team.

RK: Wanita and I are the Founders of Dem Girls. We're the one's who are running the show along with our awesome team of Videographers (Josh and Sunny) and our Sound Techs (Wendell and Ricky) who have been major parts throughout the process. Honestly can't do it without them. 

what's it like spearheading such a unique experience like Dem Girls, & how will you vow to make it different than the rest? 

RK: Previously working with AEG Live and currently working at the label I've been lucky to be around great mentors and see how prospecting really works - There are so many elements to weigh in on for a prospective Artist and I love figuring it out. It's great to be able to create our own experience out of what we know and cater it to an audience that no one in Seattle has really targeted before. Spearheading an experience like this is a challenge for sure, different for us because we don't count ourselves as Creatives but are using our creative outlets for the first time. That's what makes this experience especially unique and really exciting for us - It's a concept that we've been building for a little over a year now and we finally found ourselves ready to put it out to the world. 

I could tell you that I entered a room after clearing security at the door with my sweat-inducing email invite, was blessed with a brew and entered a room full of aesthetic and creativity. I could tell you that after the doors closed, Ugly Frank opened up his mind to us all and pulled us in with his wit and freakishly precise lyricism-- I'll save that for later.

you mentioned to me your biggest inspiration was npr's 'tiny desk' series, where artists are featured in live a Capella sessions/with very little musical additions; how will Dem Girls compare?

RK: Quality quality quality. Often times the quality of live recorded performances lacks which leaves the reel going to waste. It's a bummer when it doesn't accurately portray the Artist at their best. That's why we want to bring the same level of quality to our audiences and Artists. We also want Artists to challenge the space. Larger venues aren't nearly as sensitive to energy capacity - It's easier to fill the space versus containing the space. And what really makes an Artist well-rounded is by how well they do in not only a Showbox or Key Arena, but in a space the size of a 1-bedroom Studio Loft. How can you control your sound? 

what kind of algorithm will go into future shows as far as artist selection goes? 

RK: I see a lot of local Artists capping out in their hometown and struggling to find the right resources to create exposure outside of their local scene. The algorithm is finding Artists who are thinking about "What's next," meaning finding Artists who want to bring their fullest potential to life.

Giving fans an opportunity to interact with their artists' first time experiences should be the only way allowed for the love of music to be born. Ugly Frank, cameras, lights, his fans. 

what motivates you to curate such a benevolent experience for music goers? 

RK: As important as it is for an Artist to have a solid team internally, a strong fan base is also a major influence in an Artist's success. We want Artists to feel support from their community especially when they transition into a new phase of their creative journey. When we see Artists missing parts to THEIR algorithm, it makes us want to give Artists something to think more about. We want them to think BIG for their fan base.    

how can DOPPLER SEATTLE continue to support Dem Girls in the future? what can we expect next?

RK: Keep up with Dem Girls on IG and Twitter! Coming to these shows and sharing about your experience with us always goes a long way. Thank you Doppler Seattle for keeping us on your RADAR we appreciate the support!  -------

" up to something " 

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