First Impressions are Everything.

Seattle is known for it's pioneering style and appreciation for chic beginnings. Let's bring you in the loop.

Fashion Arcade

worlds collide as fashion and gaming come together to release a brilliant edge and appreciation for both. new game releases and lookbooks are provided for your enjoyment.

Genuine Gem

The modern, more life woman breathes creativity and powers her peers through pure ingenuity. pieces that are made with her in mind.



seattle's purveyor of creative and in-tune art, objects and clothing. Bridging the gap between high-fashion and creative expression.



the new wave of fashion inspired shoe releases. liklihood hosts the common denominator: exclusive. your shoe game is important and they understand that. you can find local entities here.


ETC Tacoma

Cultivating style representing tacoma, washington. a fresh collection of goods inspired by city life with unique collaborations. sticking to the script written by 'us'.


Not Your Type

not your type is a collection of curated vintage gems, hand-picked to break all the rules. Nyt VALUEs INDIVIDUALITY & STYLE THAT’S GROUNDED IN SUBSTANCE; A PRESENCE THAT GOES BEYOND THE EXTERIOR AND INTO THE TANGIBLE AND AUTHENTIC.