On New EP 'Psychles', Scotty Sensei Showcases Two Sides of His Psyche.


There are indeed two sides, (if not more) to every story. But what about every person? With all the decisions one makes daily, would it be so far fetched to think that there are two or more distinct sides to every person as well?

That is the theory that Scotty Sensei tackles in his new EP. He pushes way past shallow matters of self, and nestles deep into the rigid dichotomy of his mind, intact strings of thought and all. What we get from this deep brain voyage is Psychles, a 6-track circle of mind which leaves you thirsty for some introspection yourself. Let's dive right in.

We start off with Sheep, a track directly from an observer's perspective. Set to buoyant yet mellow production, Scotty scrutinizes his surroundings and the way that people tend to move as a herd, similar to sheep. He expresses a clear disdain of those who mindlessly follow and accept whatever fate is handed to them, rather than lead themselves to something greater. The track is packed with lines that are more than meets the ear. We get personal reflections, facts, and more.

"...Nowadays it's more okay to follow than to lead. So I'll be counting money while y'all count sheep."

Next, we're on to Purgatory, an examination, questioning, and breaking down of society as it stands today. We listen as Scotty expresses both curiousity and disgust about the world we live in. In his own words, he explains his thought process behind the song.

"I express my anxiety and my reality of living in this paradox. The idea that we're always going to be accustomed to this 3rd dimension's problems, and questioning what this realm is all about."

From the depths of Purgatory, we surface until reaching Shogun. "Can a mf talk a bit of shit?" Scotty starts off. After a few seconds left quiet for our mandatory permission, he does exactly that. Going from inquisitive to almost completely cocky, Scotty switches the script rather than sticking to it, showing us an alternate side to his thoughts. The production even morphs a bit, sounding a bit bolder, more daring. The same goes for the next track, Mista Cool. Same Scotty, completely different mindset:

"I could probably teach you kids a thing or two. I could probably be the one that your bitch wanna give it to."

Well I guess they don't call him Sensei for nothing, right?

On Sofa King, we receive a dreamy feel. The light and airy soundscape is a perfect backdrop for Scotty's flighty thoughts. He ponders on his version of success and reminisces on his past. We hear a change in his tone about midway through the song when self-assertive Scotty grabs the mic and finishes out the song with an egotistical flair.

Concluding the EP is Cycles, a bright and adventurous sounding track in which we are reminded that in the end, it's all just a cycle. 

"Take a step into my mind, you can see I'm just fine, I'm doing alright," he reassures. And I have no doubts about it. In my opinion, there are two (or more) sides to every person. With all of the thoughts, moods, feelings, etc that we experience each day, each side makes us exactly who we are. 

What Scotty does in Pschycles is strip past the surface and bare to us these two sides which reside in him, the raw and real elements that make him... well, him. SoulTrap, Scotty's in-house producer from Anime House Ent. does a fantastic job of framing these thoughts through their transition from mind to music. We hear the curiosity, the cockiness, and everything in between within the production.

If you're a deep thinker like me, (a gift and a curse), you get it by now. If not, here is an explanation of the project from Scotty himself:

"At the end of it all, we all have good days where we feel on top of the world, and days where the world kind of crushes down on us, and to me that's what 'Psychles' is. The emotional battle within, daily trying to become the master of ourselves."

If you are human, you must be able to relate. So take a listen and learn something from the Sensei.

Press play and get lost (or found) in Psychles below.


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