Without Further Ado, We present to you: BADYOSHI

Look up- No it's not a bird or a plane, it's just BADYOSHI. Descending onto your favorite music platform, the trio presents their debut EP - BADYOSHI. 

It was less than a month ago when we were given a taste of the project with visuals for FLCL, our literal introduction to the EP. Once you press play, the ominous production by CorMill creeps in, announcing their grand arrival like a black carpet rolled out ahead of them. While the visuals for FLCL show a strange session taking place, when it's all said and done, the question "Was it all just a dream?" is a lasting afterthought. 

Before we can formulate an answer, we're lulled into track 2, Dreams. The curious soundscapes provided by Tyto send us strolling through the dream world and we are soon met with a light and airy hook from Yodi Mac, drawing us further into the tantalizing track.

"She been on my mind, money on my mind, time is running, can't wait. Workin all the time, always push the line, kush inside of my brain..."

While Yodi takes on the first verse and hook, Scribe Mecca appears in the latter half of Dreams, speaking his piece and demanding ears. 

We are awakened from our dreams with track 3, Lift My Dawgs. This laid back and uplifting track is an exhibition of deep thoughts and emotions felt through generations. It's an expression of the desire to be better, excel, and bring others along. Seattle producer Vitamin D provides a smooth, illuminating sound, the perfect match for the subject matter without sounding too gloomy.

Uplifting in a whole different way, Hot Box is the next move. Vitamin D flexes his versatility, offering up production once again and setting the pace for the remainder of the tape. You might want to roll a few up for this one. With a catchy hook and clever bars, you have no choice but to add this one to your 'Puff, Puff,' playlists. 


We get a little added spice and bass for the juicy contradiction called SCOML. Both turnt while chill, this song could easily serve as a prefunk to your main event, describing a night out where not much seems to go wrong. 

Up next is What is This. With its unrelenting flow and bumpin bass, I found myself asking the same question. The Qreepz-provided production and overall flow of the song make it a perfect example of the force that is BADYOSHI. Just listen. This song is nuts! 

Wrapping up the project is Bag It All Up (feat. Cid Vishiz & Perry Porter)- a smoking song with a simple request. Previously released, the track has a credits- like feel to it, as if it was always meant to end the EP. The session of all sessions, celebrating a job well done. (Production by Raven & Flexyboy.)

BADYOSHI is truly one of a kind. The stark contrast between Yodi & Scribe, the sonic variation they possess while still owning their unique sound; it's commendable for lack of better words. It's the factor that sets them apart as an emerging force in the PNW music scene. The choice on production was on point with half, if not more of the chosen producers being from the PNW. (No cap.) On future projects, I'd love to hear tracks producer by their in house producer & DJ Wffls. The music the 3 of them make together I like to compare to an Obama Special from Roscoe's and if you haven't heard it, tasted it, or neither, I feel sorry for you. (Here. Don't say I never did anything for you.)

After hearing their debut, one cannot simply mistake a BADYOSHI song for that of another group's. 

They've continued to catch eyes and ears around the country, appearing at SXSW in Austin, Texas for the first time in March, opening up for Berner at Seattle's historic Showbox a few days after their EP release mid month, and today, turning up the student body at the University of Idaho, supporting Yodi Mac's opening performance for 6lack.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. BADYOSHI can turn an off crowd on, so I'm looking forward to seeing them on more stages to come, in Seattle and beyond. 

If you haven't done so already, press play below and prepare yourselves for the force that is BADYOSHI. 


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