Gerald Walker gets introspective on Rockie Fresh & Stalley assisted 'Peace of Mine.'

"Refuse to live my life in fear. The quieter you become, the more you hear."


Gerald Walker wastes no time with small talk in his latest single, Peace of Mine. The play on words in the title is no typo either. It's something that he has done in the past, with song titles such as No Heart Feelings & The Resist Stance. 

In his latest offering, the NY-based artist enlists two Midwest hitters, Rockie Fresh & Stalley for the assist. He is outwardly introspective in this track. Taking on the hook and first verse, he catches our attention with his storyteller's tone and stimulates our minds with lessons embedded in his bars. The steady pace of his words is calm and collected.

Rockie Fresh follows suit, taking on a laid back flow. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the MMG artist. He displays a similar flow in older tracks such as 2013 release God Is Great, as well as newer tracks like On The Moon, dropped last May.

Finishing out the track, Stalley takes the reigns, starting off snappin like he's been spitting. (He has.) The Ohio rapper parted ways with MMG late last year and has remained busy building his brand since then. He released a fiery EP, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil last November and an even hotter sequel on February 23rd.

Not to go unnoticed is the serene production on Peace of Mine. Seattle native Kuddie Fresh welcomes relaxation with the organic instrumentation topped with exhilarating effects that keep your ears locked in. 

Needless to say, Gerald Walker chose wisely with this track. Scrolling through his SoundCloud, I found several delights. Collectively, his music is soothing. His vocal abilities are a perfect pairing with his production, which he channels from a diverse pool of talented creatives. It is pleasing to the ear and mind, simultaneously. I'm looking forward to what he does next, but until he does it, I'll be getting my own peace of mind while keeping this song and other Gerald Walker originals in rotation. Have a listen below.

Akunna AmaefuleComment