I'm A Fan Of Kanye West's 'ye' And It's Not Politically Correct

a man of family, emotion and pride fills the expectation of 'ye'


What a year it's been for Kanye West-- proving time and time again how unapologetic and human he is through explicit opinion and a calculated series of culturally relevant outbreaks. If you're not a fan of ambiguity, conscious reprimand and a serious take on self-expression -- feel free to still sit there and become educated.


ye becomes Kanye's eighth studio-recorded album following his 2016 release of The Life of Pablo. May it come as a surprise to you, with both albums charting Billboards Top 100 in only the first few weeks of their respected releases, ye is emotionally driven in it's best ability. For lack of words, we've empathized and ridiculed since the backpack Kanye era died with our Gameboy SP's and our high-school proxies. I've seen worse commentary on rap's latest efforts (they will not be named) with less to base their self-conceit on, than I can even comprehend. Still, the seven-track montage of feeling, dispute, value, re-pivotal consciousness and classic don't give a shit what you think, I'm Kanye West  energy comes at a raging surprise to us, the fan of a genuine riveter of culture.

The album features Kid Cudi, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, Charlie Wilson in familiar fashion -- with new additions PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ant Clemens and 070 Shake. Stream the project below.

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