Danish Bombshell Nina Massara Sets The Tone For The Modern Day Blues Enthusiast

Our latest Doppler radar becomes reminiscent of the freshest, more honeyed sensations. Nina Massara's affable touch to her soulful music brings positivity and grace to your sweetest moments of being engulfed in her unique charm. Hailing as a Northern hemi-sweetheart, how did she evoke a southern charm about her playful hymn and creative vocal range. Reading more about how the world around her has responded to her Blues inspired sound makes me believe she has won over a very unique crowd of appreciators. 

Massara has a small presence -- but a big message. Her full length project Watch Me was released only a short time ago under CSP Records in Texas, where she learned to appreciate music after leaving Denmark. Her team is described as sound purveyors Ray Weaver and Danish producer Morten Wittrock, who assist her journey through her genre's not-easily-navigated impressions. A fair assumption that she may be compared to the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Ella Fitzgerald, humbling for Nina I hope. Although her experience is beyond her years, she has become an icon of her own generation.

With the want for more, we're left with providing you her soft visuals for All That I'll Ever Need, featuring Cody Esquivel and shot by Marques Green. Currently she's posted in Nashville receiving the country's well kept secrets of show-business and a range of that southern wine-- we'll keep you updated on her next moves as they'll be sure to make waves.

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