'Vacation In Hell' With Flatbush Zombies.

Resort guests include Joey Bada$$, Dave B, A$AP Twelvyy, Nyck Caution and more.



You've got to admit - Stranger Things have happened when Flatbush Zombies are concerned. This time around, their uniquely named debut Vacation In Hell has surfaced with a plethora of talent/ adventurers hoping to escape to your daily rotation. Based off the anti-climatic terror-horror from D.B. Lebrov and Shelly Katz, A Vacation In Hell, Flatbush Zombies' newest effort scares the sh*t out of us with its ingenious procurement of an indigenous selection of cast-members to help elevate their '79 reboot.

In any event, the Brooklyn Bradley's suffer an extreme amount of fandom between their stans and new fans-- with a style so familiar, even the mirror is shocked. While 19-tracks really bring us full circle with FBZ full potential with such a roster, we're in no way afraid to let every track play through it's entirety. You'll have your mushroom trip paranoia wiped away with songs like Big Shrimp, brought to church in the morning with Trapped and taken advantage of *emotionally* with Dave B assisted The Goddess.

So the question remains, who's Michael Brandon and who *spoiler alert!* falls extremely short like Barbara Feldon? The answer about Barbara-- no one. Flatbush have assessed the situation in bringing the likes of Bun B, Jadakiss & Denzel Curry into the mix- as well as Seattle's own Dave B. As they carefully trek the United States on their North American tour, catch them dealing some very retro vibes in response to their nineteen-track effort and....in the off-chance you watch this David Greene directed film, let Vacation In Hell be your soundtrack to life. Yes, a joke.

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