Boston’s Latrell James Shares His Rules To Live By On New Single 'Okay'

A bright and dreary Thursday morning in Seattle, Washington. Our news is typical, the world's events are predictable -- things seem to be decent at best. The stranger the world becomes, the more we marinate in our creative arts to endure the shock or understand political behavior like we don't already have enough going on as it is. That's when we received word about Latrell James.

After intense research on Boston's crooner, we realize his contribution to his community will forever mark something very special and on-going. Prior to his 2016 release of Twelve, James has provided Cheerio's their Good Goes Round anthem which is beyond remarkable from a creative stand-point. Only that much more proof Latrell James is here to stay; he releases his first single from his upcoming project, Okay with a message attached. The new cut provides a playful juxtaposition of somber reflection and politically relevant rules to live by, which are highlighted on the memorable chorus. With James' hiatus from creating, we learn his family is under-going life changes as he urges to turn struggle into strength.

Listen to Latrell James' newest effort, Okay, produced by Billy Loman. We anticipate a full length project in the near future.

Blake MatthewsComment