Seattle, The City Blooms Through Two Springs c/o ParisAlexa.

She's the elected fond memory. 


A near-perfect siren of buttery emotion and light colored auras, Parisalexa has become one of Seattle's most engraved R&B singers in modern time.

Parisalexa serves us her latest installment, BLOOM like a fresh charcuterie of elected memory and positive presence. (Sorry vegetarians, more like a comfortable cheese plate.) ((Sorry vegans, more like an appropriately situated plate full of leaves.)) BLOOM is the heartthrob that breaks, the heartbreak that revives, the enlightened heart that wins and continues to win, all to leave us stranded with a yearn for more. Seven beloved tracks with our minds captured and our feelings revealed, Parisalexa has truly earned the title of Seattle's R&B enthusiast, bringing us back with her smooth and effortless hymns. You remind me of a young Diana Ross.

MistaDC is 1/1 featured on Parisalexa's BLOOM, on the track Gardens, which the two find a camaraderie in sharing the similar style and finesse around vocals and emotion.

A Doppler fan favorite is revealed as Hole In The Ground.

Beyond the many 'soul'd' out shows and invigorating performances leaving your body vulnerable to rhythm, Parisalexa has a message to your creative minds and hearts:


Your bloom is soon to come.

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