Otieno Terry Springs Into the New Season with New Song, 'Love Goes On.'

'Love Goes On' Still Shots by Tristan Seniuk.

'Love Goes On' Still Shots by Tristan Seniuk.

After presenting the journey of an album titled The Woods back in October, Otieno Terry has returned with his first release of 2018. The song, Love Goes On, comes in the form of a visual entry into NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.

The Tiny Desk Series is known for showcasing artists performing in an intimate space, usually an office setting. 

Set in a cozy room with modest greenery, Otieno sings a song of a real and resilient love. His heartfelt vocals are accompanied by Max Levin on keys, Teo Shantz on percussion, and the crooner's further contributions on his MPD24 pad controller. The fusion of these three gentlemen and their respective instruments creates a beautiful medley that you have to hear to understand.

A master at musical layering, OT has a way of creating depth in his music which goes beyond even the impact of the meaning of the words themselves. It's always a lovely listen.

"Yes the love goes on, even when the boat rocks... Though one day we'll part, we'll sing the same song always..."

From the looks of things, our Seattle based singer is set to release new musical delights soon and we're ready for it. He also recently announced that he'll be playing for the second year in a row at Seattle's 2nd annual Upstream Music Fest in Pioneer Square in early June. Otieno will be featured on the City Arts stage on Saturday, June 2nd so be on the lookout for set times so you don't miss it!

Best of luck to you in the Tiny Desk Contest Otieno. Thank you for representing the PNW so gracefully. Let's show our gratitude by pressing play below & sharing.

(Don't worry, it's okay to watch/listen more than once.)

| Directed by Tristan Seniuk | Produced by Southside Creative |


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