Take a lesson in optimism from L.E.X on his latest single, 'Love It.'

Never one to pass on a positive message, L.E.X recently shared one of optimism in his latest track, Love It.  Moving with his signature Southern swagger, he talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly while continuing to view the glass as half full rather than half empty.

"Goddammit, I love it. Depression stalkin', I love it. Anxiety tweakin', I love it. It's cold outside and I love it. Destruction comin', I love it. All these problems, I love it."

Now this is a lesson we all need to take notes on. These days, when negativity seems to hang in the air like your next breath, it may not be the easiest route to take, but It is no doubt the best.

In the past I've found myself spewing hate on the smallest of issues. Ex: "Why is it so cold? I hate this weather." or "I hate how people drive." Now clearly I'm not Mother Nature, and I'm definitely not the other drivers on the road. What do I benefit from being angry over things out of my control? Nothing at all. So I'll join L.E.X on this one... Fuck it, I love it! And you should too.

While Love It is his first single of 2018, L.E.X has kept busy this new year. He appeared on Perry Porter's album Channel Surfing, dishing out a tasty verse on Different Flavas, and also provided a few bars on Seattle artist BlkSknn's EP Disconnect.

Hear his latest below and keep this in mind:

Why hate it when you can LOVE IT?


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