Gifted Gab & Blimes Brixton exchange bars via visuals for “Come Correct”


A warning was not issued in October when San Francisco divine Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab partnered up for one of rap’s most intriguing demonstration of rapid bar-share. The two ladies had provided Come Correct, an overwhelming audio experience flashing their respected rap styles that pair like Bluetooth. Produced by none other than @MikeMoBeats

look at me now, Blimes Brixton

Fast forward into the new year, the Queen of Seattle presents a link for the visuals that easily showcase the camaraderie herself and Brixton share. Within, they rap beyond belief with perspective, finesse and of course the style is an integral part to your perception. Angles are strong with this one, even the environment is special; celebrating the late Red Apple Market located in the Central District's Promenade shopping center, with no mercy for your nostalgia. (Thanks, Andrew Imanaka) These two artists are undeniably in-tune with their gifts — I wouldn’t merge in their lane if it was the last one available. 

Stream the new video for Come Correct below. 

Blake MatthewsComment