Astro King Phoenix shines diamond-bright on new project, “Delicate Surface”.


You’ll experience an array of talent coming from Seattle, Washington - whether it be invigorating mannerisms and strong definitive character on thorough production, or, the courageous ability to convey a message through lo-fi reimbursement and cognitive lyricism mostly found in an Astro King Phoenix catalog. 

 Delicate Surface is special. A creative journey through fifteen ‘delicate’ tracks that are woven as an invigorating experience. The Hurdle we overcome blasts us off into a story-like playbook that transcends into incredible transition and beat progression that show prominent on cuts like Spaceship Piles and Sour Proof. Astro King Pheonix does not hesitate to be his most personable through his tracks, keeping you seriously invested with plenty of slick references and homages. 

“Got a bottle what it’s hidden, special message in the potion/ Blood on my hands, fingertips turn the pages leaving blood on the sands, it’s a trip when you waste it.”

Bowl Of Miracles, Astro King Phoenix


Tell Me Her Name is a personal fan favorite. As simple as it gets, sort of snarky. A beautifully produced ballad that seems sharp and attempts to trick you with certain ideologies. Do the fans have one favorite when it comes to Delicate Surface? I would advise not to limit yourself. Realize that this is the new wave for you, if you aren’t already tapped in. Stream the new Astro King Phoenix project in its entirety below. 

Blake MatthewsComment