New Mixtape: A$AP Mob - "Cozy Tapes Vol. 2"

'Too Cozy'



Cozy Tapes Vol. 2

A$AP Mob is the Sopranos of our rap culture. The Brooklyn based mega-group has entitled us to cultivating culture and the ability to successfully connect to our music. We are gifted Cozy Tapes Vol. 2, the second installment in the A$AP Cozy Tapes collection inspired by late pioneer A$AP Yams. The Cozy culture is defined by reincarnated style from earlier times of lavish royalties and furry accessories. A$AP Rocky has pivoted his brand into a cohesive tornado of fashion and converted music ability. The Mob, descirbed as A$AP Ferg, Twevelyy, Na$t, & collaborators Playboi Carti & Key!. Excitedly enough, this comfortable project brings many new playlist worthy including hot summer single Please Shut Up featuring Gucci Mane. It's Brazy.

Many of the same style and finesse you can trace back from the debut of Cozy Tapes Vol.1: Friends. The enigmatic verse exchange and comradeship found in A$AP Mob is difficult to emulate. Music definitely responds better to healthy partnership and inclusive branding of which A$AP Mob has considered. The tape drops at 17 cozy singles you can get involved with before the Too Cozy tour starts in the Fall. 


You'll catch A$AP Mob on their Too Cozy Tour October 30th @ WAMU. 

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