New Album: The Cool Kids- "Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe"


Listen. I'm going to do little explanation on The Cool Kids. Pioneers of incredible 808 and lyrical companionship- important music from before I could remember I had an ear for music. Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks incorporate the duo that creates vibes for head bopping, show-stopping and interactive music. Insanity strikes when I listen to the newly reunited group tackle strong productive efforts from Chuck- dating back to 2011 when he decided to become solo. 

Say what you will, this collaboration is undeniably the most encouraging sound wave I've ever felt. From the early days of Gone Fishin'. we've been authorized to experience the power of two incredible MC's coming together with their new effort, Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe. Chuck and BANCO have been the more inept artists to become ONE (if you will) after experiencing solo careers. What makes successful art you might ask? Who truly knows. Maybe it's their Smoke DZA feature On The Set. Coming from annulled expectations- that is a good one. Every fan things Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe was a cop-out- making any activity harder to understand and generally deprecatory. Not a chance,

I enjoyed this project. While it could be my adolescent self saying, 'Yo, I really feel The cool Kids and their approach to modern art and music", but wait- they are modern music. Ahead of their time, the Cool Kids release Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe like they never parted from one another. Sir Micahel Rocks addresses the production like a comfortable room at the SLS Seattle while Chuck Inglish puts in work on boards. Featuring Joyce Wrice, Jay Worthy, Larry June, SYD, Warm Brew and many more. Curious though- what does this mean for The Cool Kids? Are they going to continue to make solo music on the side or are they the conglomerate? More listening takes account for that. Stream and support The Cool Kids new effort Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe below to find out. 

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