New EP: Blakk Soul - "Never See"

There is something nostalgic about Blakk Soul's music. He has an old school RnB vibe with a dash of funk which brings Ginuwine & Musiq Soulchild to mind. In short, this is feel good music, live-your-life music, and it's still as relevant as ever.

While the Tacoma native is so kind to share his talents with others, co producing and songwriting for many fellow artists including Rapper Big Pooh and Macklemore, his latest offering is an EP, Never See; 5 tracks which flow together so seamlessly, I was still buzzing (and a bit pressed) when it was over.

Beginning with Never See, the project's namesake, Blakk Soul (AKA Eric Keith), eases us into his mind, bringing up the hard work that he has put in and contemplating what it's worth.

"Working hard, taking no breaks... Gotta give my all. 'Cause I need it all."

It's a narrative that many of us are familiar with, the internal struggle with this balancing act that we call life.

Next on the track list is Give It Up, a sweet ode to love, a self profession of sorts. He's found the one to perfectly compliment him and is sealing the deal with this song.

"Bad and bougie is cool, but tried and true is what I'm choosin,'"

    he croons. This one is for the shameless lovers out there.

Halfway through his EP, Keith provides a quick break with interlude Tell Us. My only complaint is that it is not a full length track. (Can I request this somehow?) This interlude serves as a divider in the project, and we find ourselves moved to a more solemn tone for the last two tracks.

We arrive at Find Yours, an introspective song which urges us to find our root cause, our reason for keeping on each day. Everyone has at least one, most people have a few, but knowing, securing, and declaring that reason will bring about clarity that can motivate you on those days when nothing else seems to be able to. Listen to this track. Really listen. It might help you in finding yours.

Now this is the part where I start to get pressed, the last track. Fine Line is the necessary probe of the thin line between reality and entertainment. Blakk Soul is transparent, allowing us a glimpse his basic desires and revealing the everyday struggles which drive him to work even harder, as we previously heard in Never See.

And just like that, the project is finished.

The construction of Never See is quite genius. Blakk Soul brings us relatable content and exhibits his impressive and serene vocal presence. Both backed by expertly matched and fine tuned instrumentation. It's a trifecta.

All of the above within 5 tracks and less than 14 minutes. He takes us through the motions- Each track has its own vibe and subject matter. Each track earned it's spot on this EP. And this EP quickly earned its spot with my favorites for 2017. I am very eager to see some (if not all) of these tracks performed live. But until a show is announced, I'll just keep hitting that play button and vibing out.

Hear the magic below and try to keep up with Blakk Soul. After hearing this EP, I certainly will.


Akunna AmaefuleComment