New Visuals: Dounia - "Broke Boi (Remix)"


Well damn. Queens' Dounia is tough with her soft, eclectic lyrics remixing Playboi Carti's breakout hit, Broke Boi. We definitely have a spot for Dounia after loving her debut release of East Coast Hiding and her worldwide Fader drop, Shyne. Dounia is a modern antique. She's priceless porcelain that has us enamored by her chic style and incredible mold to music. She has earned her spot in all chosen endeavors and will continue to impress us. (Dounia, you remixed one of our generations biggest songs and made it about you. We hear you.) Check her new 8-bit inspired video below & if you haven't already, get on track with shorty here.

Broke Boi (Remix), Dounia

Blake MatthewsComment