New Music: Lorde - "Homemade Dynamite (Remix)" (feat. Khalid, Post Malone, SZA)


After the grand announcement from Lorde herself, she graciously releases the all-star remix to her Melodrama single, Homemade Dynamite. Recently performing at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival (wearing "Off White" if I may add) seeing Lorde live was an experience for me. Understanding how inexplicably comfortable she is with her fans and newer admirers like myself is something you should go through before it's too late. I take that back, she could possibly become our generations Madonna- sh*t happens. Homemade Dynamite, though. Enter Post Malone: the harmony over strings and synths per Malone style. Enter SZA: spirit guiding with her soft vocals and inviting couture. Enter Khalid: confident and endearing lyricism with no intention to swoon but- *turns volume up*

Lorde has led the new-pop movement for quite some time now, bringing the new age leaders on one platform makes for an incredible on stage performance that we all hope to experience at least once in this lifetime.

Stream the newest single here.

Blake MatthewsComment