New Visual: Seaan Brooks - "Let It Go"


Seaan Brooks a lot on his mind and he's not being shy about letting us know.

We were recently gifted with the first single from his upcoming album, a gritty track called Let It Go. It's the first time we've heard from him since his early April drop of Everyday, and we're already eager to hear more.

His latest song kicks off with a brief heated rant about hate groups, condemning those set on killing our people. It sets the tone perfectly, verbally displaying the outside forces we face in this day and age. He then gets personal, explaining the situations and vices he's struggled with. The track offers a great balance, touching dark situations, yet not skipping light hearted moments also.

The visual, skillfully captured by Alex Alexander of LexScope Films, follows suit. It begins with clips of unfortunate current events such as the white supremacy rallies in Virginia and the man that some call their president opening his mouth to speak. Those clips are cut with old blackface cartoons. We see Brooks in settings that look as though they've seen better days and riding with his head out of a car window, spitting verses that reflect his state of mind.

Seaan's next project, When All Else Fails is set to drop in October. The project is going to get personal, touching on his recent pitfalls and tragedies. It will feature PNW artists such as Perry Porter and Will Jordan to name a few, as well as production from Luna God and KReam Team.

"I decided to call it When All Else Fails because when it seemed like I had nothing else to live for I always turned to music to get me through it." Seaan said of the album title.

Watch his newest video below and be on the look out for his upcoming project. He's not holding back on this one.


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