New Visual: Sani Banks - "Irratatin"

Destiny's Child sang about them in Bug-A-Boo. The Ying Yang Twins rapped about them in Naggin'. And now Sani Banks is speaking his piece in Irratatin'.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco native dropped the visual for the Private League-produced track which has us nodding our heads in agreement once the hook comes around.

"Aggra-vating, compli-cated, everything I say, bro I'm tired of you hatin'."

I'm sure some of us can relate... Dealing with someone whose actions seem to have the end goal of irking every fiber of our being? It's not a great feeling, but at least we know that others have put up with the same old drama as well.

I first met Sani my freshman year at Grambling State University back in 2010 and watched him flourish as a spoken word artist as the years went by. He quickly became the go to for various events, providing his perfectly crafted pieces for fashion shows and appearing in every talent show I can recall from my sophomore year on. He added his love for music and is back in his home state of California, still writing poetry and making music that we can relate to.

Irritatin' is his first official visual release and I'm loving the playful representation for the semi-serious subject matter. Check it out below and try to keep people that inspire songs such as this out of your lives, mmkay?



Akunna AmaefuleComment