New Music: Euroz - "Need Me Some"

Euroz recently lowered the tempo several notches for his latest single, Need Me Some. The song is smooth and romantic, with the Las Vegas native displaying his impressive musical abilities from start to finish.

As a rapper, his flow is deliberate. He has a message to deliver to this love interest and he intends to get it across. As a singer, his range is not overlooked as he croons out, expressing his apparent longing.

Not only is he a skilled rapper and singer, but Euroz also takes a large role in selecting his production. This time around, he enlists fellow Still Movin artist and producer Reezy to handle the boards. Expertly sampling sounds from The King of Pop's The Lady In My LifeReezy lays down a warm beat, setting the mood for this sensual track.

Checking out his discography, I'm quite surprised that I haven't heard more from or about Euroz. The man has been working. His SoundCloud page alone includes tracks which date back over 3 years old. Some are quick witted metaphor-laced rhymes, some are slower RnB joints, and some are a hybrid of the two. Despite the differences between the songs, one thing holds true.

They are all good.

Really. His catalog is consistently good and I can only expect it to get better.  His upcoming project, T.B.O.S., is set to drop later this month and we are more than ready to hear it. Until then, kick back, relax, press play below, and vibe.


Akunna AmaefuleComment