New Visual: Maya Simone - "Lukewarm"

Maya Simone invites you to relax in her latest single Lukewarm. She recently dropped a visual for the track, directed by Madison Shelton, & it's all natural, baby. 

"It's something so tempting about my old self..." she croons before starting in on her story. Lukewarm is a self-taught lesson of self acceptance and self appreciation. It is a stand against complacency, a refusal to be lukewarm.

Her soulful, jazz-enriched voice rolls over itself, floating just above relaxed sounds; soothing piano chords summoning us to look deeper and do some self reflecting of our own. 

It's as refreshing as a hot shower, as cleansing as the sage burning session that Maya is seen having in the video. Check it out below.

Her thoughts on the track?

"As you move forward in your life, something will always try to bring you back to who you once were. The beautiful thing about life is you have a choice. You don't have to be "Lukewarm."


Akunna AmaefuleComment