New Album: Stas THEE Boss - "S'Women"

"An aquatic explanation of failed female companionships."

Breakups are blurry, unmotivated and against the grain. Consider being on a boat with your significant other with the waves courageously hitting the side with no end until you just kind of- fall. S'Women is a storybook of a few enticing experiences coming to ends with reality & Stas THEE Boss caters to her emotions on these previously described boats; an 11-track remedy for the broken conscience.

Stasia Irons is unafriad to chart the waters of her own ingenuity and creativity; being one of the most talented curators of vibes coming from Washington. 

In favorable Stas THEE Boss fashion, S'Women is unlike any other audible experience to date but similar to her previous efforts. It's short, sweet and full of lather and soulful rejoice. 1/2 of THEE Satisfaction, the undoubtedly fond gift to Seattle of two incredibly talented emcees, Stass finds herself shining on her own like a diamond in the sun. Found Parking starts us off with her synthesizing waves and unfortunate realization of unmatched potential and expectations leading us into the audio experience of Tried It. Enter Solo, the bar exchange we all wish we had when confronting the short-comer. "Be the best you."

One of my favorite joints smack dab in the middle of S'Women, enlists Stas' only featured-feature No Service with JusMoni. These two together are an unwritten jurisdiction to the game, balancing the project on it's steel-toed pedestal. Did we mention it only takes Stas THEE Boss less than 30 minutes to evoke and awaken our worth and appreciation for what we bring to the table at these crucial times of realization. Self-titled single S'women is the immaculate close and unanimously the cherry on top. We're not mad, Stas. You've spoken for the 10% and beyond before and have done it with precision. Stream S'Women with passion and support Stas THEE Boss here and every Sunday evening on KEXP.

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