New Music: Sole2dotz - "Glorious"

Keeping on his blazing trail of summer bangers, Sole2dotz is back with another track for our listening pleasure.

Glorious is a track which urges us to look on the brighter side of things regardless of all of the other BS around us. It holds a message that is relevant not just today, but every day.

"Woke up to the sun so bright, that's glorious."

Sole.. starts out the track giving us a natural example of a glorious gift that we've all been able to experience. He then sits back and rides the Chill Wave that he's more than mastered at this point, his relaxed flow inviting us to do the same.

I remember the first time I heard this song. My day was going terribly so far and I was even more annoyed to be sitting in Seattle traffic, heated in more ways than one. Once I heard the first verse, I couldn't even be mad. I thought back to the gloomy Washington weather of a few months ago, when "Rain" seemed to be the only description on the morning forecast, day after day. The least I could do was be grateful for the great weather. I had a smile on my face before the track was over.

The production was provided by Dallas based producer Mike D and is more than fitting for Sole.. It's chill, with that extra bit of bounce to match the subject matter. Find something to be thankful for after listening to Glorious below.


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