New QP: Wiz Khalifa - "Pre-Rolleds"

Wiz Khalifa

Do you feel us? Confident weed snob Wiz Khalifa drops off an EP- I mean, 'QP' of newly selected buds titling his project, Pre-Rolleds. As you know, mixtape-Wiz is not a force to be reckoned with. You can tell me that you've been rocking with the Prince of The City series, the early curation of well-known Star Power and Flight School. You can tell me you've appreciated How Fly, the first of many collaborations between New Orleans' Curren$y while undeniably became a true Wiz Khalifa fan with the drop of Kush & Orange Juice

I may begin an unasked-for rant on this subject. Writing this i'm really understanding the events following the breakout Cabin Fever trilogy that changed the Trap movement forever. Weed smokers internationally were astounded and intrigued all in the same motion, while Wiz was providing sounds that we could chain smoke our doobies, pre-funk and control our environment. Hidden in the ashtray of gems was Amber Kush, the beginning of his undeniable love for Amber Rose and featured collaborative project with Curren$y and Big Sean. Later, Taylor Allderdice was a testament to his new and contagious sound provided by his 2011 Rolling Papers success. Later on, 28 Grams was born; the Trap welcomed Wiz with open arms and the newly adapted Auto-tune puff-puff pass mantra. Passing our RAW papers and blunts *sorry, wiz*, it was something we had never experienced before. Wiz Khalifa had represented a comfortable and accepted staple in our community, celebrating his once-snubbed appeal to the masses. He began to shop with a conscience and inspired many artists to go against the grain no matter what the people tell you. *Rant over*

Back at it again with Pre-Rolleds, we are aware of his new sound, new fatherhood and new inspiration. Sledgren has this project on lock, with a few collaborative efforts from Chevy Woods. I'm sure this tape will revive the aforementioned mix-tape sensation we know and respect. If you subscribe to Wiz's 'Day Today' vlog series, you'd know he's been up to something. Rolling Papers 2 is on the way and as a studio album, we're clenching our ears until we get a sense on when to expect it. Nothing else matters. Wiz, thank you for the consistent evolution in our appreciation in fine weed-smoking atmosphere. You have done nothing but provide. Stream his new mix-tape below.

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