New Music: Zero Fatigue - "Manegos"

The Zero Fatigue gang just proved why their name is more than relevant.

Just days off of Smino's headlining Swanita tour, and ZF is already pumping out more heat. I was fortunate enough to attend the sold out Seattle stop at Columbia City Theater on May 23rd, and the whole show, much like this playful single, did not disappoint.

Each of the 3 artists featured on this track have a distinct sound. Bari, who kicked off the show last month, has a relaxed jazziness to his voice which is thoroughly welcomed. Hear it on his latest track, Talisman. Jay2? That man's pen game is too clever. I've found myself smirking at several of his bars. See for yourself on his Serena Williams inspired track, Better ServeSmino always gives me chills with his vocal inflection. His range is unmatched and he does it with so much soul, I found myself cringing like a grandma at church when the pastor is going off. Stream his latest project, blkswn here.

It was my first time seeing any of these artists perform live. The stage presence that each of them possessed was just a confirmation that we need to keep our eyes on this Midwest collective.


Their latest gift, Manegos, is a summer cut for sure. From the upbeat, head-nodding sounds (courtesy of Monte Booker), the smooth, snapping hook brought to us by Bari, and the clever verses commanded by Smino & Jay2, each part is sweeter than a juicy mango on a warm, sunny day.

Have a listen below and enjoy some fruit while you're at it. Also, don't sleep on Zero Fatigue. (The name says it all.)