New Album: H.E.R - "H.E.R Vol. 2"

It seems like just yesterday we were swooning over the elusive and illustrious vocals of H.E.R. She sang her way into our hearts with her self-titled Vol.1 mix-tape that (almost randomly) appeared on every woke listener's feed without warning. In present day, she releases the second addition to her collection doing wicked numbers and pulling emoti-strings we never knew we had.

H.E.R. - 'Say It Again'

It seems to be the moment for young, beautiful songstresses coming forth with their beautiful talents. H.E.R takes me by surprise, passionately singing about some of the most related subjects and moments in life. Avenue is one of those songs you've probably sung to yourself, thinking 'I probably shouldn't of done this but let's make this right real quick. I'm in the neighborhood.' H.E.R Vol. 2 doesn't quit with the late-night feels and shifts. Speaking of late night, Lights On brings an undeniable regime of sexy to the table as food for thought. 

Stream H.E.R Vol. 2 with someone, or by yourself. Either way, find yourself or get to know someone else's soul for a minute. She is joining well known crooner Bryson Tiller on his Set It Off Tour stop in Seattle August 19th. Make sure you're there and support on Apple Music.

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