Doppler Radar: J'Von

I've always been intrigued by art. I remember how accomplished I used to feel in elementary school after drawing my name in less than perfect block letters or writing out "Seattle" with that fancy 'S' that everyone loved back then.

Since I'm a 90's baby, it was the era of Dragon Ball Z and my classmates' doodles reflected this. One classmate named J'Von was particularly good at these drawings. It would be disrespectful to call his pieces "doodles," because although we were only in elementary school, this boy could DRAW. I'm talking Kamehameha blasts that put my sun-in-the-corner illustrations to shame.

Fast forward over 15 years later, and my old classmate has taken his talents to new heights. He now makes music, animates, AND produces. That takes talent. Lots of it.

The signature character in his imaginative animations is the adorable Catman, who I was introduced to last year with the release of Seattle Girl. Early last month, J'Von teamed up with Young IICE and created the fitting space-like production backing his project, Moon EP. Shortly after came the announcement that J'Von would be joining Upstream Music Fest, performing on Friday, May 12th on the Space Theory stage. 

Constantly creating, J'Von recently recapped Catman's latest adventures in another animation, Lil Phantom Yellow Tune. Check it out below and be sure to catch his Upstream set this Friday! Great to see his growth as an artist and an individual.

Congrats, J'Von. We look forward to seeing/hearing more from you soon.