Doppler Radar: meltycanon

Because we relate to creatives who've tackled the barrier. Because we respect artists painting on any easel they are provided. Wickedly enough, it's a gift and curse to be this talented, because we love meltycanon as an artist. We also love meltycanon as a producer, setting up artists like Father, Nic Alexander and a few other homies for success. 

We have featured meltycanon's previous work on (Your Man Ain't Wavy Enough), @eljefeblake's playlist series as well as Father's heavily streamed Heartthrob that dropped sometime last year. (We dig the aesthetic from you, bra.) The classic 'mmo' references and anime friendly environment with your perfectly curated beat-play makes it all worth it. You can do a few things:  Shoot your shot with a (prod. meltycanon) and you might hit that bucket or- shoot and miss and claim your No Jumper 'L' here. Keep up.

Blake MatthewsComment