New Visual: Vince Staples - "Big Fish"

What's good Vince? Another widely water themed video releases under Vince Staples latest Beats One Radio appearance titled Big Fish swims it's way across, leading us into the treacherous waters of Staples' sophomore album, Big Fish Theory dropping June 23rd.

Vince has never disappointed showing up for creatively curated visuals for his brash, neck twisting lyricism and North-side Long Beach character. Big Fish depicts Vince circled by sharks in a deep, shrouded body of water in an already nose-dived boat, what could be taken as his predators surrounding his now-peachy lifestyle dipped in all white. MY theory is, was Stolen Youth not a clear sign of how sh*t was going to end up? Was it not clear years after he performed Shyne Coldchain chronicles at his latest tour with Kilo Kash? 

Doesn't matter. Vince Staples is a factor and always has been. This isn't a call to action, more than just a quick shoulder shake. My artesian fans and foes, peep this visual along with Staples' entire collection of enticing messages through his art and tell me you disagree.

Blake MatthewsComment