New Music: Dex Amora - "Scene" (feat. Astro King Phoenix)

Seattle's own Dex Amora recently dropped a new single. Using the same formula that worked seamlessly on Astro King Phoenix's latest track Ancient Scrolls, he has commissioned AKP for the crisp feature and Goldenbeets for the oh-so-smooth production. 

I found it very hard not to continue listening once I heard one of Dex's songs. It's 2017, but his flow / beat selection are reminiscent of Q-Tip circa 1990 and it's not just an experiment. His consistency is apparent and his whole collection is cohesive, almost like anything he releases is part of a project within itself. 

This is Hip Hop.

Scene is an announcement. The pairing of Dex Amora and Astro King Phoenix has prevailed again and we're all for it. (We would also be for a joint project, but that's for another day.) Listen below and enjoy.