Doppler Radar: Perry Porter

You may know him as Perry Paints, Poetry Perry, or simply "P." Maybe you don't know of him at all. Regardless of which category you fall in, please allow me to formally introduce you...

Perry Porter is an artist in many aspects of the word. Part painter, part musician, he pushes his creativity whether rapping on a stage or gracing a blank canvas. I recently sat down with him to discuss his art from his artistic beginnings to the present, and what he has planned ahead as well.

"Ironically, growing up, I never fucked with fine art or poetry, which is funny because I paint and rap now." Porter explained.

Viewing art as a kid, he noticed that while inspiration came from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, it was still predominately white. It did not fully showcase or embrace its influences. He recalls doodling in class on his homework, beginning to realize his love for drawing at a young age and setting out to do what that art did not.

Porter draws inspiration from a diverse pool. From the whimsical works of Lora Zombie, with her storybook colors and grungy undertones, to the manic methods of David Choe, incorporating blood in his work. 

When asked about his number one inspiration, there was no doubt.

"Pretty hood girls." he declared with a smirk.

And that is just what Porter's signature works depict. Beautiful women with a little something extra. Each detail he adds to every piece becomes a vital sign and if you stare at one for just the right amount of time, you will swear that you've known this goddess in a past life.

Perry's art has been featured at many venues. To name a few, Central District Ice Cream Company, ETC Tacoma, and even Beast Mode Apparel, where he met and gifted Marshawn Lynch with a personal piece. He's also done live painting at several events, adding a splash (or drip) of color wherever he sets up shop.

The place I enjoy viewing his art the most is on my bedroom wall where I have a small gallery, made up of about 75% Perry Porter pieces. From originals to prints, from prints to commissions; each one is an automatic upgrade to my living space.

This man possesses something that I can't quite put my finger on. A certain grooviness which effortlessly oozes over into his music career. Previously 1/2 of Sleep Steady, Perry continues to expand his talents through music. On the mic, he's Poetry Perry - Sharp tongued with a delivery smoother than velvet. Hear it for yourself in his new demo here:

So what is Mr. Porter up to next? On July 9th, he will be live painting as a featured artist at Art on The Avenue in Tacoma. Be on the lookout for his second installment of Candy Paint, an event that will showcase a 12-15 piece collection (of all new works) and new music releases as well.  He also plans to join Patreon, a member website where artists share their work with supporters through a tiered subscription. (Consider me subscribed already.) Perry is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Follow him on social media to light up your timeline and you might just find your next room upgrade like me.

So now... you may know him as Perry Paints, Poetry Perry, or simply "P." 

And if you didn't know, now you know.


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