New EP: Warm Gun - "Rare Candy"

Warm Gun

aka Brian Chinn is an amazing example of the trifecta that we all know means so much these days - being able to create for yourself, for others and ultimately building for a vision that resonates. Best known for independently taking over the multiple aspects of music direction (including producing many tracks for Black Umbrella's Romaro Franceswa, Dave B, Mo $) Warm Gun has consumed Rare Candy; exemplifying a creative Hip Hop/Blues eagerness coming from Seattle's multifaceted emcee by channeling some of the city's most confident artists.

My favorite thing about Warm Gun tends to be his consistent experimental conscious, being that he is aware of his range and his ability to conjure vibes. From strict ignorance exemption with Raz Simone assisted The Glo, to singing ballots with the illustrious ALLA in nevergoinghome -- it's a wave. (You Are The Liquor reminds me of those voided nights celebrating with family and friends out on the town *looking for you*)

Rare Candy releases on Warm Gun's birthday which makes it that much more appreciated. He has given us a chance to indulge in his art and his creation. Rare Candy is available on Spotify, iTunes and you can stream it here.

Warm Gun will be featured at Upstream Music Fest May 11-13. Peep his stage details here.