The Seemingly Timely Return of T-Wayne

#ThrowbackThursday is making me feel like I need to sit down somewhere.

This one is for the old heads. At least music lovers from the early 2000's, when rap duo T-Pain and Lil' Wayne collaborated and named themselves 'T-Wayne', switching up the expectations of rap-style groups and becoming way ahead of their time. Both artists specialized in the back-then technology of Auto-tune, giving them range that was only heard on a specific track featuring one of the two.

In today's news, both artists are finding their way through their solo careers, which is to be expected. But the term #ThrowbackThursday is kicking my ass as T-Pain decidedly released the old T-Wayne tracks from '09 that have us feeling those gray hairs sticking out of our skulls. But Doppler is here for it. It makes you think about the extensive collection of artists and their true-to-day creative processes, just what kind of positive (or negative) effect could releasing every bit of creative slime you ever touch out to the public reap? We don't care to know the answer, but let this shine some light on your game. Make shit, release it with confidence and don't let anyone hold you back. Stream the new(ish) project here. TAKE NOTES YOUNGIN'S.

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