New LP: EMI - "Planet"

"I held it down for the wrong one and I won't do it again."

To be, or not to be, woke on EMI. Releasing her highly anticipated debut project appropriately named, Planet, EMI shoots us into her Seattle flavored galaxy filled with mad heavy vibe and attitude. EMI is incredibly talented at conveying her boss mentality over self-produced beats, along with her gang of familiar sound purveyors; Charlie Handsome, Sevn Thomas, Rex Kudo, even calling in a Nav assisted track. EMI has been enjoying life during the process of creating Planet, sharing snippets via Snapchat during her everyday hustle.

SIP IT SLOW (Prod. Rex Kudo & Charlie Handsome)

The elusive emcee has never switched up on us, which we remain grateful. Her sound is unique and impressive to the vast majority in her choice of music. (Literally, every song on her SoundCloud is flames, it was hard to choose one. Seriously. But I did it for y'all.) This tape rides smooth with every track seemingly leading into one another until it sadly ends. It's been a long road for EMI and this is a well deserved trophy. Salute & put some respect on it.

Purchase EMI's PLANET on iTunes & Stream it here.

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