Doppler Radar: Jiggyjerms

"Can't see eye-to-eye, but at least I'll go toe-to-toe with them."

Skrrrrt! We need a moment of your time. Jiggyjerms pulled up on us nicely with Seattle attitude and a grip full of heavy slaps for the city. For over a year now, Jiggyjerms has successfully embedded himself into the lively arena of Seattle turn-up. Working with some of the more 808-woke producers in our city, we can definitely get jiggy with the movement. ReignCity popped a flighty visual back in March, come to find out it was his very first. I was lit off the E&J.

E&J (feat. WesDiz)

...But there is a real reason why we're here today. Jiggyjerms has released his first full length EP titled 20 Car Garage, enlisting a fine conglomerate of Seattle society-aware talent throughout. Granted his sound is familiar and unique, it's no secret he's on to something. For me, he's giving me an Asian Dom Kennedy cooking in the kitchen of Roscoe's on Pico with beats (spices) supplemented by Anvil, TrèsBien , diamxnds & Lysol. Fresh roster, right? It only gets better when we *responsibly* turn up to a good DjYoungKash, Slyvan, Mal London or Donato joint. Whatever your vice may be, let it be known that this project is sure to be in rotation with it's range and audio dexterity. We have it here to stream, tell us what you think.

I'm impressed.

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