New Music: Little Simz - "Backseat"

At a packed show at Vera Project in late March, I had the pleasure of seeing Little Simz perform for my first time. It was the last show of her Welcome to Wonderland Tour, honoring the release of her sophomore album, Stillness In Wonderland. Although I hadn't heard much of her music previously, I found myself purchasing her music before I even left the venue. I saw a piece of me on stage that night- her whole set painted a vivid picture of a twenty something navigating her way through life. 

Her latest single, Backseat is a confirmation of what I felt that night. Over an angsty beat beautifully crafted by Astronote and backed by heavenly vocals from Ella Mai & VanJess, the UK artist spills some truths that sound as if they've been bottled for awhile. No wonder though. Immediately after her tour, Little Simz was back on the road, joining Ab-Soul on select dates on his YMF Tour. I'm still convinced that the early to mid twenties are the weirdest years of one's life. Imagine dealing with all of that, plus tour/ industry life? She clearly has some things to let off her chest.

"Tattoos on my passport, no sleep.
This is what you asked for, don't weep."

Thank you for your transparency, Little Simz. Good to see you leaving the backseat for the driver's seat.

Have a listen below and enjoy.