New Visuals: Kendrick Lamar - "Humble"

Sit down, Be Humble.

It's no mystery as to why the world goes into a fanatic frenzy when Compton's own Kendrick Lamar releases even a glimpse into his dark, creative realm. Releasing Humble after an ominous drop of Heartbreak Part IV was almost too much for people to handle. Subtle jabs at what artistry has become within hip-hop; how jaded someone's fake opinion can protest to be against their own beliefs and morals within the game. Society fake f#%ks with the vision and uses rap to blame itself for all of the debauchery around it.

To blame Kendrick for the pretentious amount of cryptic messages floating around in artists messages is selfish and unfulfilling. For years we have been exposed to his undeniably challenging visuals and repetitive theories- without physically having to repeat anything unimportant. ('Bitch, be humble' is extremely relevant.) It doesn't help that we are looking for answers in just about everything and everyone except Kendrick, until he drops an almanac style album that fits into the missing puzzle piece every time. "April 7th", he screams before concluding his first drop of 2017. We'll see.

Blake Matthews