New Music: Beeba - "The Bounce Vol. 4 All My Friends Are 30"

An entire year has passed since *Aubrey Graham's DJ alter-ego* Nick Beeba last released his 3rd install of his pleasantly mixed The Bounce series. Last year we were in the friend-zone, hoping to be cuffed by our secret, nonexistent admirer with slick autumn-ized joints that had us cuddled up in beats. This year, Beeba realizes his range of music includes joints from a simpler time of synths and eclectic messages of pimpin', mixed with a freshly curated selection of the '14s and up, hipping most of you cats who may have missed some of the best drops of our generation--in classic Beeba style. We're not shocked The Bounce Vol. 4 rocks just like it's predecessors. It's just the Nick way.

Stream Vol.4, and remember this:

You guys probably don't have the same music taste if you are still in the friend-zone. This has been a DOPPLER x BEEBA public service announcement. Enjoy.

Blake MatthewsComment