Doppler Radar: Ryan Celsius

R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s a live link of what you have probably seen cruising the airwaves and taking over YouTube underground (my unofficial should-be official description of incredibly talented artists that use YouTube as their main platform of exposure.)

HIGH AT WORK (4/20 release)

These mixes are incredible. Whether you're TRAPPIN IN JAPAN, TRAPPIN IN HEAVEN or *TRAPPIN ALL OVER THE WORLD* -- Ryan Celsius perfects this uniquely familiar vibe that is smooth as fuck. No joke, I can't believe I'm just now aware of this collection of absolute gems. From a compilation of what seems to be chopped and screwed experimental bass joints with fade-ins unimaginable, RC has caught my attention among his nearly 40k subscribers on the visual platform. Did I mention there is a visual component to this creator's vision? Makes that much more engaging sipped up, leant over or kushed out. Or, if you're like me, an enjoyable wave that I can play just about anywhere disregarding demographic. (F*$% the haters!)


I'm here for the entire fact I was watching the new Sonic Forces preview video and Ryan Celsius appears as 'You Might Like This'. Damnit, YouTube-- you won this one. Follow this journey with me. Keep him locked as you can also indulge with audio instead of the classic YouTube experience. Mighty swank approaching.

Blake Matthews1 Comment