New Visuals: Austin Sexton - "U"

So we all know that Cali has the women, weed, and weather... But how about the music? Maybe it's an unspoken known, maybe it's a myth, but I've personally heard way too many great projects, songs, and beats originating there for this just to be a coincidence. Not only that, but many artists choose to move to the beloved West Coast state to advance their music careers.

One such artist is Austin Sexton, whose soulful voice (and that damn guitar solo!) keeps me swaying on his new single U. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Sexton is a man of many talents. Not only does he sing, write, and produce, but he also plays guitar, keys, and many other instruments. 

Joining him on this track are two MCs from NorCal collective "LFTD" which stands for "Loyalty Frequently Triumphs & Dominates." I don't know what I like more; their group name or their contributions to this track... The first to share a few bars is LFTD Mike, also known as Mike Lee. Right when you think the song is nearing it's end, LFTD Vu hops on to share his take.

Not only is U the first single from Sexton's upcoming album Goodsex, but it is also my introduction to all three of these artists. Take a stroll through their music catalogs and you'll find three very distinct individuals who come together to create this beautiful medley recounting relationships that most can relate to. Goodsex is set to drop on July 10th and I'm keeping an eye on the LFTD crew for sure. Peep the video below and enjoy.

PS: Austin's dad, Mr. Otto Sexton is also featured on the hook. That Jodeci sample is lovely and clearly the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

PPS: I like the group name, but these features are impressive.

- A/A