New Music: PARISALEXA - "Like Mariah"

There's nothing quite like PARISALEXA's voice. The first time I had the pleasure of seeing her perform was in the informal setting of an open mic night. She shyly introduced herself and quickly began to entrance the crowd with nothing but her voice and her vocal loop board. It was amazing to say the least. Those harmonies gave me chills. The song she performed that night was called "All You Guys," a track off of her debut project by the same name. Since its release in October of 2015, Paris has been hard at work. Whether collabing with a rapper for a smooth feature (Exhibit 1: "Never Been Late" by Romaro Franceswa) or talking a little shit for good reason, (Exhibit 2: "Bullet"), she is always on point. Her voice has a familiarity to it, as warm and soulful as a 90's RnB song.

Her most recent release, with its summery production by Elan Wright, is an upbeat account about someone who may be a bit too enthused to be in Paris' presence. In other words, "Like, why you so obsessed?" Listen to the track below and try not to end up like ol' boy she's talking about. ;)


Akunna AmaefuleComment