Doppler Radar: Citrus Room

Alas, the epic release of Brittaney Bunjong's creatively curated podcast -- Citrus Room. Powered by the beautifully established Cloud Studios, Citrus Room is an inspirational take on small autobiographies of individuals together, as they find perspective and insight within their peers. We've been anticipating something freshly squeezed ever since she began her brand, Plenty of Pineapples. Her efforts to review and reveal the secret love of food and fine ingredients from all over the world make waves in our environment that casually experiences some of the most delicate and enticing food in our country.

While consistently endearing her title of 'expert foodie' and even earning a slot on the incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy Girls on Food (I've learned a great deal from these ladies, particularly about wine) it's amazing that Citrus Room is coming to us in such a creative fashion that still educates us about the people around us and their engagements within the city, or beyond. The first episode features 'Wolves and Sheep', a short film creators @byjonsal and @angelololo release about two teens facing the everyday challenges from systemic oppression.

Engage with Citrus Room as their podcasts become available via iTunes and other platforms.

Blake Matthews