New Music: Dounia - "Shyne"

"My favorite kind of vengeance is gettin' paid/Look back at rejection, & what it made"

My love for Queen's new songstress Dounia grows exponentially. She releases the alluring and introspective Shyne, an ode to the real definition of one's success through art. It's almost too refreshing to hear a track from such an early inspiration that pivots any disbelief of instant gratification. 'Success' is defined differently for everyone, especially in the arts. When it means something more, the satisfaction shines much brighter. We loved FADER's exclusive release + interview with Dounia -- making the joint that much better to hear how she found the words to describe such an experience which is her melodic come-up. (I am so pleased with shorty.) Very excited to see what's next. Stream this below.

Blake Matthews