New Album: Sango - "De Mim, Pra Você"

De Mim, Pra Você, @SangoBeats

De Mim, Pra Você, @SangoBeats

With Monte Booker's #ITCO Tour being an extreme success, what else could we expect from Seattle's own Sango? Call it what it is, the purveyor of sound and eclectic soul provider created a vision with his city behind him and is living it out to this day. Sango provides us the ultimate soundtrack to our lives, De Mim, Pra Você. *From Me, To You* is a follow-up from his 2016 collection of Da Rocinha tapes- giving us an evolved platform of complex sound and artistic erraticism.

#DMPV is different from any Da Rocinha. It's more influenced by Northern Brazilian music. Black music. - Sango via Twitter

As a new father, you can only expect his inspiration to be genuine and completely tangible. Sango does a incredible job creating, maneuvering and shifting our culture into the beliefs we are most inept to represent, through whatever creative outlet we tend to lean towards. Strong words are validated by Sango's complete discography over the years, per-fatherhood. Congratulate the Wright family by sending your love and streaming this amazing vibe.


Blake Matthews