New EP: Bujemane - "TYTHBAVFE"

Bust a shot then re-load, I got it but I need....
— Bujemane, 'More'

Tacoma's Bujemane has just released, 'Thank You, This Has Been A Very Fun Experience' in the heat of our rainy Seattle days. Humble as they come, this project is far from being a humble addition to Bujeman's collection. Off the follow up of 'I Quit' back in November, he has character selected Gary Ferguson to mix and master, assists from Khris P, Ghoulavelii and Ira Snow. Strangely enough, the rapping isn't really priority to Bujemane, more-so his growing Red-Zone releases. Even with this drop consisting of perfectly executed witty rhymes and even wittier beat-play. it's clear that we can expect some great content disembodying from the rap game. We still hope you keep it Buje, mane.

Blake Matthews