New Album: Jaden Smith - “SYRE”


Being Jaden Smith does not make Jaden Smith. A son of a millennial role model, Legend, Prince or Bad Boy does not make Jaden Smith. It is simply the enigmatic smokescreen around everything you think Jaden Smith is, was or could become that makes Jaden Smith, Jaden Smith. Today calls for a toast. (Perhaps a.... Caprese Martini?)

SYRE is Jaden Smith’s full length debut album that features A$AP Rocky and Raury on a 17-track record chalk filled with designer character. Jaden Smith is riveting, consistently, and even with age do we agree more and more with his powerful knowledge and yearn to create. 2017 has shown a more strategic Smith—providing the Netflix Original anime series Neo Yokio and countless Louis Vuitton campaigns, ending his streak by touring with Fall Out Boy around the world and engraving his gender-neutral clothing brand MSFTS into the conversation of millennials worldwide. If you’ve ever followed Jaden Smith creatively, SYRE is not a surprise to you—at least timing wise. 

Icon, Jaden Smith

The extensive work of art follows his 2015 EP release, This Is The Album.  Packed with delivery, development and growth— SYRE is an experience you don’t want to be on the other side of. A storybook-setting catalogue of many influences and contingent sounds that formalize Drake, Kanye West, Frank Ocean— we courageously stand by these afflictions watching Jaden Smith perform at Aston Manor and excitedly rap almost every Drake song that played that night. Stream SYRE in its entirety below. 

Blake MatthewsComment